Seven Tips for Driving Safely

This following tips will help you reduce the risks involved in car crash and also improve your personal safety.

1) Don’t drink and drive
Drunk driving is a serious crime, if you are drunk and drive, it leads you to an accident, because the alcohol will affect the proper function of your brain. This will reduce the coordination and reaction time and makes you to take wrong decisions. The high abuse of alcohol leads you to blurred or double vision eyes, even sometimes it will lead to loss of consciousness.

It is better if you take a cab or ask your friend for a ride to avoid accidents or make sure you have a designated driver. This is better option to avoid disasters that occur because of drunk driving.

2) Maintain Limited Speed:
The speed of your vehicle is one of the most crucial factors responsible for many crashes. Speeding may save you a few minutes but will increase the probability of crash by 50%. The time is inconsequential when compared to the risks that you will get associated with the speed. Therefore obey posted speed limits. If you think that you are getting late, it is better if you start earlier.

3) Use Traffic Signals:
When you fail to signal attention, it will cause you fall in dangers. You should be alert and make an alarm or give a signal when you are taking turn to right side, because no one will think or guess that you are turning to right side.

4) Plan Before and Use Mirrors:
You should look at the other drivers with the help of rear view mirrors when you are planning to make lane-change or apply sudden brakes. You should always maintain situational awareness to avoid problems. Therefore, it is safe to use your side mirrors frequently.

5) Don’t Drive When You Feel Drowsy:
Even though if you feel little drowsy, it is better if you avoid driving because this will lead to increase the risk of getting into an accident. When you are on the highway, even one or two seconds of inattention leads you to fatal crash. Sleep at the previous night if you are planning to take a long drive to avoid accidents.

6) Wear Your Seat Belt:
Even sometimes not wearing seat belts leads to death. So wear a seat belt to avoid death and live safe lives. Even a low speed crash can lead to severe fractured bones or head injuries, if you won’t wear seat belts. It is, therefore, necessary to wear a seat belt to avoid such disasters.

7) Take Extra Care When Driving in Bad Weather:
If you are driving on icy road, heavy rain, snow storm, or through fog, you need to take an extra care. You should maintain extra space between the vehicles, drive under the limit, you should very careful while taking turns at around curves. If you experience poor visibility because of snow or fog etc. find a safe space to wait.