Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

Many people feel pleased when they purchase a car. They drive for longer distances but suddenly they get struck by many emergency situations from which they cannot escape. Some people take smaller items with them to overlook the emergency situations to keep control for long way drive but some people don’t take or keep any items in their car to tackle the emergency situations. So, to handle this problem better you should keep some items always in your car to protect you and your co-passengers.

Sometimes, these items will vary depending on where you live. Some vehicles come with emergency kits. According to this kit, you have to adjust some more items. Following are some of the items to keep in your car:

Users manual is necessary because it explains you everything like what step to be taken when your vehicle won’t work properly.

Cell phones should be fully charged (and also you should keep chargers with you) because to contact your family members in case of emergency situations.

First-aid kit will be useful. When you are fixing a part of your car or cleaning some sharp objects in your car, sometimes you may be wounded.

Some clean water and foods which can be preserved for longer time and it can be useful for you to eat in emergency conditions when you struck in your car for 1 to 2 days.

Jumper cables will be helpful whenever your car batteries die.

Flash lights will be helpful at night time whenever you won’t see any objects while replacing the parts, jump starting another car, helps you to find the items you want in a kit etc.

Roadside flares are necessary to see the vehicles around you whenever you try to turn or pull over other side of the road.

Tire iron means a spare Tire needed because you never know when you might get a flat or blown tire.

Gas can is also useful. So, you don’t have to trek anywhere.

Hammer is needed to brake the windows for escaping when an emergency situation occurs.

Blanket or Larger towels are useful whenever you need to stay whole night in your car to get rid from the cold.

A tool-kit which includes scissors, D-cell batteries, emergency poncho, screw drivers, air compressor, rope, bungee cords, a stainless multitool, a pair of gloves, duct tape etc,.

The above are some of the essential items you must keep in your car. You should also look for items such as medicines, umbrella, maps, sun glasses, important documents of car, road side assistance card, spark plugs, fuses and bulbs, chains, extra can of oil etc. Keep the essential items in your car to repair the car otherwise it becomes a extra load on your car.