Types and Importance of Kitchen Counter Tops for Your Home

The kitchen is considered the heart of home, the main center of activity. When it comes the interior of kitchen, counter-tops play significant role making your work enjoyable. The kitchen counter-top is the place where you cook, eat, and socialize with your family, guests and where you share your ideas with each other. The day starts here with a cup of coffee, tea, breakfast, meals. When you go for remodel ling kitchen, mostly focus on kitchen counter tops. In this article we discuss it briefly.

Your kitchen counter-tops are exposed to high temperature and are a place where you may spill soft drinks, acids, staining products over it. It is a difficult task for you to select the best counter top for your kitchen which should be durable, long-lasting, and resistant to scratches, stains. Here you will learn about four different types of kitchen counter-tops and their importance.

Types of kitchen counter-tops and its importance

  • Granite Counter-tops
  • There are three types of granite like tiled granite, slab granite and modular granite. These are available in different colors, designs, patterns that fit perfectly with interior design of your kitchen.

    Granite counter-tops are resistant to heat, stains, scratches, etc., and do not absorb dirt and dust. You can keep hot pans, pots and even you can use it as a cutting board for your vegetables, meat or for other things. Granite top is a good value for your money. Granite counter-tops are durable, expensive and long-lasting product to your kitchen.

  • Marble Counter-tops
  • It gives a marvelous and panoramic view to your kitchen. These are expensive and add value to your property. You will get it in different colors and shades like white, black, gray, pink, etc. that complement your furniture. It can be polished and restore to its good condition.

    Marble counter-tops are susceptible to damage because of acidic foods, etc., get scratches, stains; but are resistant to heat and they don’t catch fire as wooden counter tops do. You need to undertake regular maintenance is required, as marble is a porous stone which absorbs dust, dirt and stains easily.

  • Laminate Counter-tops
  • Laminate counter-tops are available at affordable prices, and therefore, ideal choice for low budget homeowners. Laminate counter tops look like stone, wood, butcher block and other surfaces.

    Laminate counter-tops get damaged by exposure to heat. You may notice burn marks of pans. Further, they are likely to get scratches from sharp objects like knives, are not durable and difficult repair. You cannot use the counter-top as a cutting pad as you do in case of granite counter-top.

  • Stainless Steel Counter tops
  • Stainless steel counter tops are relatively expensive as compared other counter tops. It gives your kitchen a high tech style, contemporary look. It reflects the light of any colors around it.

    Stainless steel counter tops are durable, resistant to stains, heat. You can easily notice the fingerprints and other marks on its surface. These counter tops are easy to clean dirt, spills, food, etc. by wiping with damp cloth, and are susceptible to scratches and dents.

When you go for kitchen counter-tops, you will be having a wide range of options at your fingertips, but picking up the best one is difficult. Hope this article helps you out in making good choice for kitchen as per your requirements.