Art of Choosing an Art

Art, whatever form it may be, they add beauty to the place (house or office) and represents your personality and the real you. So, select an art work carefully according to your taste and style. Here are a few simple tips that will help you pick good art works your personality.

  • As you enter into a store that sells art works or an art museum to buy an art, do not look at the label first. Label sometimes may misguide you or its price may insist you not to buy. So, looking at the label first without looking at the actual art work is not a good practice.
  • When you come across an art work that suits your style and taste, observe it carefully. For example, The main thing to observe in a sculpture is, whether it is made on a whole by using one piece of substance or made it part by part and attached. What is the beauty of the sculpture? Etc. For a painting, observe what type of paints are used and does it convey something to you. For a tapestries, observe the pictures or designs and see if it is depicting you any story.
  • For a painting, analyze the colors, design patterns, lines used, shadings, emotions of the pictures, etc. You can understand the inner beauty of the art when you observe and understand it thoroughly by considering every element of it. For a sculpture, observe the carvings of it, analyze how each part is sculptured, try to analyze the equipments used for it, etc. For a wall arts or wall hangings, look at the colors and materials used in it, observe the characters if it depicts any story.
  • Understand the intention of the artist who created it. Try to talk to the artist and find out whether the artist was there at that place at that time.
  • You can easily make the decision when you study the art clearly and know the value of it. Once you select an art that you feel is apt for you, now look at the label. You are now knowledgeable enough to judge the price. Check the price and see if it’s really worth it and then buy.

Art is not just another thing in your house or office. It is something special that has an inner beauty and has the ability to depict many things in a single picture. So, be wise in selecting an art.