Tips to Prevent an Accident When the Car Brakes Fail?

Brakes are one of the important components of a vehicle. Brakes are designed for ease and safety. If these brakes are not functioning well or malfunctioning, you lose the ability to control your vehicle and you risk your life as well as other people surrounding you. However, brake failure rarely occur.. But imagine, what you will do when you face such situation. If such situation occurs, many people panic and they don’t know how to react to that failure in order to reduce the chances of accidents.

Following are some tips to prevent accidents when the car brakes fail:

  • First stay calm and don’t panic. By doing this, you will definitely control the situation.
  • Avoid steering on the road where pedestrians are walking and vehicles are moving. If you have entered in a traffic area, signal or warn the pedestrians by continuous horns.
  • If your car has a power brakes, press brake pedal slowly.
  • In case your car does not have any power brakes, continuously pump the brakes. Then shift from downshift to the lowest gear possible because it helps you slow the vehicle by using the engine to slow the car.
  • Apply using of emergency/parking brakes slowly and steadily because it is usually stops the vehicle from moving. But never apply this brake fast because your car may become out of your control.

If the above methods does not work, search for bushed plants and go through the center of bush. But don’t hit heavy trees, you may injure. If this also not worked, then hit the back part of other car which is running of same speed as yours but warn the driver. Once your car is stopped then don’t try to drive the car until the problem is solved.