Tips to Drive Car Safely in Winter

Because of chilly weather, winter are the best times to travel, even for a long drive or for a vacation. However, due to the extreme temperatures in some regions where the winters are drenched with snowfall and temperature drops below zero, one needs to take care while driving in winters. This is the time when most common break downs take place because of some mechanical problems in car engines. And the road which is full of snow and ice skating are more challenging to drive on. Hence, preparing for the worst helps you to make your winter drives much comfortable and safer too. Following are some tips that may help you drive safely in winters.

  • Car battery should be taken much care during the winters as the load on it because of the lights, heaters, wipers, etc. will increase and could drain it within five hours of continual drive. If you think the battery is nearly at its end, better to replace it even before stepping down for the long travel.
  • One more tip to reduce the load on battery is to turn off all the unessential electric loads so that it runs for more time.
  • Make sure that the roads are clear without snow and safe to drive is also an important thing even before you are planning for a trip.
  • Be aware of the freezing signs of water pump and the radiators. Especially in winter it is common that both of them freeze causing a break-down to the car even after a few miles after leaving home. If you sense that something is wrong with them stop the engine and allow them to de-freeze.
  • While driving on ice or on snow filled roads it is necessary to be more cautious on the speeds. Stick to limited speeds to avoid skidding on the ice or get struck in the snow. Also make sure that there is enough room between your car and the car in-front of you. Slow driving also enables the proper functioning of brakes at proper times.
  • Make sure that the windows and the front view of your car are free from dust, snow and water, to have a clear vision. Snow on the car’s roof should also be cleared so that it will not fall on the windows and the front view and obstruct your view. Check whether your wind-screen wipers are working properly even before you set on for the drive. Use them whenever required to have a better vision.
  • When it comes to tires make sure that the tires have a minimum of 3 mm thread but not less than 2 mm. Make sure the tires have the required pressure and never reduce that thinking that they provide good traction. In fact, it never works out.

These tips are helpful while driving car in winter and enjoy safe and convenient travel.