Know Tips for Choosing your Wedding Car

Choosing your wedding car is also important part of your wedding plan. It make you to travel and arrive in stylish way on your wedding day.

  • The first thing you should know which type of car you need, whether open type or normal. If you want the open type wedding car then better if you know the weather condition on your wedding day, then make the decision.
  • For bridals the color should be considered, of course the bridal cars come in a variety of colors, but the white and the cream are the most popular. Silver and burgundy are also popular.
  • The number of cars you need, you should know in advance, so that you can hire a car or cars on your wedding day. List out the guests who are arriving on wedding day and make sure that they will definitely come. Then hire your wedding vehicles. Also know how many members will travel with you and how big is your dress etc. Book a limousine or other car as per your need.
  • Once you know that how many car you need, you can hire them. If you need more number of cars then make sure that you will hire them all in one single company, so that they will hire provide discounts or give other offers.
  • If your guests have the vehicles of their own, tell them to arrive on their own vehicles to save some money as well as time on your wedding.
  • If a friend of yours got married recently, ask for advice.
  • If you are looking for any special model on your wedding, it is better if you book your vehicle in advance. It should be nine months, 12 or more because some people will book in advance of 18 months on their wedding, so you may not get the vehicle that you want. Booking early not only ensures that the vehicle is available on your wedding day on time but also you get some offers from the company.
  • Sometimes it is better to leave the low offerings because there may be risk in low priced cars. The low priced car may not be licensed or it may not be in good mechanical condition etc. Therefore, the price is not only a factor while booking a wedding car. Thus, if anyone offers the same car at different prices, look for the conditions and also the license. If you find any defect therein, avoid hiring it.
  • The dress code for the chauffeur also matters, many good and reputable companies will offer chauffeurs with good dress code and also well groomed.
  • Discuss the venue and date in front of the manager as well as driver so that you will know whether the driver knows the correct route and also the shortcuts.
  • Ask the company for special offers, if any, on wedding car hiring.
  • The company which you have chosen should be branded and have good repute.

These are useful tips on choosing a wedding car on your big day.