Tips to Prevent Wedding Gifts Theft in Wedding

Wedding gift theft is something unbelievable. It is, however, becoming an important factor for brides and grooms to consider. While you are doing or mingled with guests in wedding, there could be someone taking very valuable gifts from your gift table unnoticed. The thief may be one of your close friend or a complete stranger dressed as a guest in your wedding.

Following are tips to prevent wedding gifts theft in wedding:

  • Place the gift table within the wedding hall so that it could be visible to all. Many couples think that placing a gift-table in a wedding hall can be a clutter-up and they keep in a private room or at the exit of the door. But this is not the correct way of keeping the gifts in private because this gives the ideal opportunity for the thieves to steal the gifts and run away from the exit door without seen to everyone.
  • Creating an online registry will help you to prevent wedding gift thefts from the thieves because gifts are sent directly to your house or to your family member’s house.
  • Hire or ask someone to take responsible for watching your gift table during the wedding. He can be any one from your family member or friend who enjoys your party.
  • Instead of standing at a place, visit each table during reception so that guests have the opportunity to hand you envelopes of cash or checks but only if they wish to do so and you should never ask for cash.
  • If you are having a large event attending hundreds of gifts, you have to consider hiring some security for the event. They will keep your gifts safe and discourage anything else your guests may be looking for.