Tips to Make Your Hotel Guests Feel Homely

Guests who come to stay in your hotel for some time or some days, so it is the rule of the hotel that they should provide some basic facilities to the hotel guests in order to make them feel comfort as well as convenient. They should give all the facilities that guests should feel hotel atmosphere as a home atmosphere.

Following are some of the tips to make hotel guests feel homely.

  • Give the clean linens such as bed linens and drapes to your hotel guests because when they first enter the room they look for these things only and they will get a good impression on you. Use light colored linens to look smaller rooms as bigger ones.
  • Give a well-made bed with a couple of soft bed sheets, covers, and pillows. This will make the guests feel comfortable when they come after their work to sleep and also they will sleep whole night comfortably.
  • Towels are also important and necessary to make your guests feel comfortable because nobody likes wet, or stained bathtub towels to use. So provide clean, soft and aromatic towels to them.
  • Provide laundry facility to your guests for washing their clothes because they do not have enough time to wash their clothes.
  • See that the bathroom which you are providing to your guests should look neat, sanitized and free of smell. Give them the fresh toiletries kit which contains soaps, shampoo, conditioner, scrubs, tooth brush, bathtub gels, and towels. Even you can keep fresh flowers in the bathroom for fragrance.
  • Use some aromatic scented sprays in the room.
  • Ensure that you provide a pair of slippers to your guests to prevent from severe cold or warm conditions to guests footprints.
  • Provide Dustbin in the room for your guests. This will help the guests to throw dust in that dustbin as well as it is easy to collect that garbage by the hotel staff.
  • Provide good meals, TV or radio for entertainment etc.

The above are some of the tips to make your guests feel homely and happy.