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Archive for July, 2012

  • 07.18.12Ten Ways to Monitor What Your Users are Doing with Company Computers

    In these days, network administrators are monitoring the employee’s use of the computers and network. Even if the company’s management philosophy allows for some private use of company equipment, you often need to know which websites are opening by the employee’s, what they are doing, what files they are sending and receiving, and even what […]

  • 07.8.12Tips to Hire a Good Real-Estate Attorney in the United States

    When you draft a trust or a will, purchasing or selling a home or getting divorce, it is important to hire the best/good attorney. Things to do for hiring a good attorney: The first thing you need to do is join the association of real estate investors in your city and also ask for referrals. […]

  • 07.5.12How to Choose Business Insurance From an Insurance Company

    Buying a business insurance policy is often a hard task for the business owners as it requires many things to be considered in order to cover various risk and liabilities against your business. Your business faces plenty of risks and threats from fraud to fire, from discontented customers to dishonest employees. So, in order to […]

  • 07.1.12Caring Tips for Your Car Battery in Winter

    Some car parts may not work properly in winter and can trouble you due to the moisture present on the car parts when you start the car, and are susceptible to freeze. Car battery is a part which more adversely affects other car components in winter. In cold weather, engine oil thickens and forces the […]