Know Some Tips for Pruning your Garden Plants

fairy housesIt is possible to have a beautiful garden only with proper maintenance. Most of us neglect in taking care of the garden plants. This may affect the look of your garden. Apart from the many things like watering, feeding, fertilizing, weeding and so on, pruning is also essential. It is necessary to know proper pruning for your trees and shrubs which help you in keeping your landscape in the best shape. Below are some tips for pruning your garden plants.

Flowering shrubs which bloom in spring should be pruned straight after flowering. Whereas, summer flowering plants should be pruned between January and March before the new growth starts. You can prune conifers in late summer or early autumn. Remember to prune the evergreens after flowering. Most of the woody bushes such as lilac, mock orange, forsythia, viburnum and spirea are pruned immediately after they finish blooming.

In order to keep the base of a hedge leafy cut into a pyramid shape in spring in such a way that the top is narrower than the base, you need to cut it back to the main stems on one side if the hedge is too dense. Cutback the other side only when the hedge recovers and produces new growth for a year.

Do not forget to wear goggles, gloves and sharp scissors to prevent any accidents while working. Ensure that the pruning is done once when the plant is young. The unnecessary branches in the center of the plant should be cleaned to allow proper sunlight and good air circulation. Damaged branches which are sick and poor in condition should be removed. Also cut the dry ends. Get to know the details of effective pruning and follow these tips to maintain the shape of your garden plants.