What Are The Common Mistakes that Lead to Recruiting Failures

Recruitment is important process in organization, where it gets the productive employees to getting more contribution from them. Generally organizations conduct the recruitment process by professional recruiters however some times they are making small mistakes in recruiting.
Know the common mistakes in recruitment which provides the recruitment failures to organizations,

Not clear on requirement: Remember when you are clear on your requirement, only can you select fit candidates. Select the candidate to see subject knowledge or experience sometimes leads to recruitment failures.

Not clear on what type person you need: It is also common mistake, recruitment processes selects the candidates on the basis of subjective skills or some other relationship with managements. It leads to failures of organizations.

Not calculating the cost spending and expecting return: Organizations giving greater salaries to candidates without calculating his work output, receive the productive less returns from the candidates.

Not exploring all opportunities to find the right person: Some times organization finishing their recruitment processes quickly without using all exploring opportunities to evaluating the candidate, these are main reasons where organizations are facing productive failures from them.

Not clear on training process: Training is also important in making the employee productive, the training sessions will be conduct depends on the candidates knowledge and their participation skills. When the recruitment process is not clear on candidates training then they are unable to get quick returns from them.

These are very simple but more painful to productive workforce. Consider these common mistakes while selecting the candidates.