Floor Cleaning Equipment – Tips for Selecting and Using it

The floorcare equipment has undergone significant advancements in the recent years. The equipment is becoming much simpler and easier to use with less frequent repairs and downtime of the equipment.

An effective floorcare requires floor maintenance on a daily basis such as dust mopping, vacuuming in time and more complicated issues like cleaning, striping and refinishing a floor. At some locations it is necessary to determine the time, effort and amount of money spent on keeping the floors clean and shiny.

Most facility managers purchase environmentally preferable products, indicating high importance of green cleaning in healthcare and educational buildings. In the case of healthcare facility management, managers often believe a high-gloss “wet-look” floor gives the impression to both patients and staff that the facility is clean, sanitary, well maintained, and provides top-quality care.

Buying the most productive floorcare equipment helps to reduce labor costs and enables to mechanize floorcare by making it quicker and less labor intensive. The floorcare equipment can do the manual tasks automatically such as sweeping, scrubbing and polishing in less time. The machine designed with cylindrical brush technology better adjusts for uneven floors because the brush penetrates through floors’ pores.

For choosing a floor cleaning equipment a facility service provider or facility managers must be queried on factors such as price of the equipment and if it provides a way to reduce labor and cleaning expenses. Choosing the equipment that is more productive and keeps the floor neat and clean.