Contact Lenses Created a New Trend in the Field of Vision

Ever since contact lens are invented they gave light to many lives and made people feel comfortable and confident about their vision as well as appearance. Many people with eye problems got benefited with the help of contacts and made them a part of their life. With the changing technology and the improving science brought several changes to the conventional contacts. Let us see the different trends and the changes made after the invention of these lenses.

Extended wear lenses: The conventional lenses allowed the users to use them through out the day and before going to bed they need to remove them and store them for next day use. This means they are not supposed to use the contacts during nights. But the extended wear lenses which can be used continuously for 30 days are of great benefit to the people who feel sick about removing and wearing lenses everyday. The users can put these lenses in their eyes and can forget about them till 30 days. These 30 day lenses are considered as the next generation lenses as they are made of the material with high oxygen permeability.

Disposable lenses: These are developed considering the maintenance that the regular lenses demand. These are best for the people who feel sick of cleaning and maintaining lenses. With these disposables they can simply wear them and throw they away once they are removed after single use. However, there are few disposables which also offer extended periods, so that we can use them till the specific time mentioned.

Fancy contacts: These lens are found to be helpful for the people in different fields especially in case of media. The affordability and the easy availability of these lenses let the people who use them to look trendy and stylish. However, these lenses also require a prescription in order to get best suited lens for the eye shape.

These are the different trends of lenses which are available in the market. Many online and offline stores are offering these lenses and it is often advised to choose a reputed dealer to get good quality brands and products.