Tips for Taking Right Vitamins for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a number of factors due to allergies, sleep deprivation like looking skin pale, sleeplessness, dehydration, fever, aging, iron deficiency, decrease fluid retention capacity of the skin or thinning skin, heredity, nasal congestion or lack of vitamins in food. These vitamins can be obtained from food sources both from plant and animals . A healthy diet would include plenty of proteins, fruits and vegetables. By taking lots of water you can prevent dehydration. These circles if present on face would not look good unless treated. Consult an expert who treats the dark circles under eyes.

By taking vitamin rich foods will be helpful in avoiding dark circles. Following are some tips for treating dark circles using vitamin foods or items.

Vitamin A, C, E and K are the vitamins helpful in reducing dark circles by taking external or internal in your diet or applying on your face mixed with some other items.

Vitamin K helps to reduce dark circles and present in mostly night creams which apply on face.

Vitamin C will tightens the skin and covers the veins under the eyes.

Vitamin A and E act as a anti oxidants which are anti aging and fight against wrinkles, skin thinning. It also helps maintain skin health and repair damaged tissues around the eyes.

These vitamins are present in leafy green vegetables like spinach and fruits, avocado, kiwi, supplements, liver, pumpkins, eggs, asparagus, olives,and citrus fruits.