Tips to Speedup Your Computer

How to speedup the computer is the most common question for regular users. They need more speed while operating a computer. There are many ways for improving the speed of the computer, one of them is to buy new upgraded hardware devices which have more speed. But it requires more money. The other choice is to install the software which give more access to speed like advanced operating system software, anti-virus software and many others. It is the cheapest way of improving your system speed.

Apart from the above said ones, here are some other tips to speedup your computer:

Filter programs that runs at start-up: Many programs running at starting up degrade the booting performance. By cleaning these unnecessary programs you can speedup the booting performance.

Remove unnecessary fonts: Many fonts are loaded at the booting time. Many operating systems run with large number of fonts, we can hide the fonts which we are not using regularly. Font hiding increases the speed of your computer.

Disable unused hardware devices: When you start the computer it takes more time for loading the hardware devices. Some unused hardware devices like floppy drive, irregular usage of blue-tooth devices, etc. increase your loading time. If we disable these devices, the computer speed will be increased.

Upgrade your RAM: Every system can improve its booting speed along with the RAM memory. The upgrading of RAM increases the computer speed.
Keep your anti-virus upgraded: The viruses reduce your system speed, so always upgrade your anti-virus software, it improves the computer speed.

Enable quick boot from BIOS: Whenever you are starting the computer you can turn in ‘quick boot’ option and it moves your hard disk to top boot priority list which gives quick access.

These tips will help you in improving your system’s speed and protect from the dangers also. The anti-virus software prevent the danger application from your system, it cleans up your system from viruses which provides quick access.