Simple Yogic Exercises to Build Your Brain Power

For treating many disorders yoga is proved to be the best form of exercise and the same applies to build the brain power. Unlike all other exercises yoga have some breathing and relaxation techniques which are related to mind and helps to boost its energy. The main benefit of these techniques is they improve blood circulation to the nerve cells present in the brain and hence stimulates the mind to work in a more active way. Here are few poses which are helpful to make your brain more sharper and powerful.

The Tree Pose: This pose is called as ‘vriksha asana’ in Sanskrit and is all about maintaining balance on one leg. When a person is considered to be poor in balancing in this pose it reflects his restless mind or distracted attention. At the beginning, people find the posture to be unsteady for a while and the body swaying back and forth. The moment they maintain complete balance it makes them to concentrate more. Regular practice of this posture helps in focusing more with the mind and improves concentration. It also increases the level of balancing and controlling.

Cleansing Breath technique: This technique is popularly called as Kapalbati in Sanskrit. It has a remarkable effect as a de-stressing tool and cleanses the negative thoughts and emotions from the brain. This technique works well especially on mind which makes it calm, cool and completely cleared of any issues. The heat generated through this technique has a powerful effect on the respiratory system as it purifies the nasal passage and the lungs. There is a large scale of elimination of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and huge absorption of oxygen. Regular practice of this technique helps in the detoxification and removes the negative emotions from the brain.

These are the two important techniques which are used to refresh and relieve the mind from many other mental tensions and are important to improve the concentration and memory power. There is no age bar for these techniques, anyone from any age group can follow them.