How Listening Helps in Improving Your Accent?

The most difficult part of learning a new language is to get acquainted to the new pronunciation and accent. This is so because the pronunciation and accent are not something which can be learned theoretically. Learners need good grasping power and also high practice to learn the speech perfectly. A good speech cannot be obtained by speaking directly. There is process to gain command on your speaking abilities, which can obtained only through constant listening.

Unlike grammar and vocabulary, which can be mastered by reading and writing, the pronunciation of the new language can only be learned by constant listening. On listening keenly to the audio of the native speakers, you will be able to understand the typical accents of the words in their speech. As you are progressing, you will also gain knowledge about how the alphabets are pronounced individually and how they are pronounced when they are uttered in a word or sentence.

This is an effective process of learning the speech of a new language. After observing these intricacies in the accents of the native speakers, you can slowly try to imitate their speech. By constant imitation along with listening, you will be able to correct your pronunciation mistakes and thereby enhance your speech.

Listening not only improves your speech, but even your language knowledge. As you are observing carefully the words, sentences and their pronunciation while listening, along with the accent you will gain command over the sentence structure, new words and also the contextual usage of the language.

Therefore, by practicing listening exercises you will have multiple benefits like, knowing how to apply the learned language, real usage of language and enhancement of your speech.