Tips to Detect Fake Traveler’s Cheques

Many people use traveler’s cheques when they are traveling. The availability of the computers, sophisticated printers and graphics software allowed the issuers to add number of security features to these cheques.

Here are few tips to identify a fake traveler’s cheque:

  • Examine the water mark on the cheque by holding it up to the light, it should have water mark and the water mark should appear on the front side not on the back side.
  • Also look closely at the holographic thread which should be present on the cheque and if it is not there or is not shiny and reflective, the traveler’s cheque is probably fake.
  • If the cheque is made up of smooth or thick paper then it will be probably a fake cheque.
  • Also put finger over the printing, since several brands include raised printing on their cheques.
  • Check the customer’s ID and see whether the signature and the information on the ID match with the same on the cheque and if they doesn’t match you can confirm the name on the cheque by calling the issuer of the cheque with the help of serial number given on the cheque.
  • Also check the signature box and if it is smudged or it appears that the color is slightly different, the original signature may have been removed and replaced. If required you can ask the customers to sign in front of you and then compare that sign with signature present on the cheque for the confirmation.

Fake travelers cheques are very common and these are to be identified carefully.