How Does Vitamin D Maintain Dental Health?

Adequate amounts of vitamins are necessary to maintain dental health. Among the different types of vitamins, vitamin D is one which prevents dental and gum infections. Let’s know the sources of this vitamin and then understand how it acts to protect dental health.

Vitamin D is generally obtained by exposure to sunlight. However, foods such as fish liver oils, egg yolk, milk and milk products also contain vitamin D. They should be taken in required amounts – having excessive amounts of the vitamin may be toxic and unhealthy. Vitamin D supplements can also be taken regularly to maintain the levels and thereby ensure dental health.

The vitamin plays a major role in absorption of calcium which is required for the maintenance of bone and teeth health. The strength of your teeth, therefore, depends on the calcium levels that in turn depend on the vitamin. Also, it acts against certain microorganisms and help in prevention of gum and dental infections. Therefore, deficiency of vitamin D is very dangerous and it can cause various problems such as dental caries or cavities. Even gum-related problems like gingivitis and periodontitis may arise. It is known from several studies that gum diseases increase the risk of other serious diseases such as pneumonia, diabetes, lung disease and stroke. So, lack of required levels of this vitamin may pose you the risk of these dangerous problems affecting your overall health.

As improper bone density is associated with less amounts of vitamin D, jaw bones may be affected. Obviously, it may lessen the strength of teeth. So, make sure that you take diet containing high amounts of vitamin D to avoid these problems.