Tips to Speak Spanish Like a Native Speaker

Learning Spanish is different from speaking it. Learning educates you how to speak. But when it becomes practical it is only you who is going to speak Spanish. It is nothing but common to get influenced by our mother tongue while speaking and to use the accent which we used to speak in our own native language. But if you do so, native speakers will identify it easily and can tell that you are not a native speaker. So, to overcome all these obstacles and to speak Spanish like a pro here are few tips.

While learning different words in Spanish, you come across the ways to pronounce them. Ignoring them at that point will affect you while speaking Spanish. So concentrate more on the pronunciation of every word and try to listen it from the native speakers. Listen and repeat it. Record your voice and check whether it is matching the speaker or not. This helps to pronounce exactly as the native speaker.

  • Don’t concentrate more on slang, the more you are influenced, the difficult it becomes. Over come your own slang and accent and focus more on speaking Spanish as a new language.
  • Spanish is more specific in the usage of letter r. In English we simple say it, but in Spanish they roll their r’s. They say rr instead of r. This kind of pronunciation makes it different from the regular one. It is bit difficult but practice makes you perfect. Be little conscious while pronouncing words which include r.
  • Use appropriate words, don’t assume few English words which look similar to Spanish mean the same.
  • Concentrate more on genders which are often confusing in every new language.

Hope these tips help you in speaking a better Spanish. However, regular practice is what all is required to sound like a native speaker.