Important Tips to Be Followed Before Purchasing an Electric Heater

Electric heaters are the most preferred heaters for heating spaces. Besides being efficient heating options, these are also cost effective. When bought from a reputed dealer, electric heaters are supposed to be of good quality. These good quality heaters not only offer the above mentioned benefits, but also many other functional benefits to the users. Hence, one need to check on few things to get all these benefits. Let us now know about few important measures that are to be followed before purchasing an electric heater.

  • Energy savers and portable heaters: The electric heaters should be energy saving. If they are portable heaters, it is well and good as they heat only limited spaces and save energy or heat loss.
  • Fire safety: The combustible materials should be far away from the electric heaters and electric heaters by themselves should be insulated.
  • To save money in the long run it is always advised to buy a heater with a thermostat control that enables in controlling the energy.
  • Before fixing it in any place keep in mind that they should be away from pets and children.
  • While selecting heaters one must ensure the size and space of the room where it has to be attached.
  • The heaters should ensure electrical current safety: Make sure you see the UL tag (Underwriters Laboratories) and the ETL tag (Edison Testing Laboratories) present on the device.
  • The electric heaters should be directly plugged into the wall outlet, if they are plugged using an extension cord it is necessary to use a heavy-duty cord of 14-guage wire or larger.

By taking the above mentioned safety measures, one can purchase a good electric heater.