Tips to Learn a New Language for Beginners

Learning a new language is interesting. But in the initial stages of learning, it appears to be difficult, as most of the aspects of the new language generally differ from our native language, to which we are highly used to. These initial hiccups will disappear as we are progressing in the learning process.

In order to make the process of learning a bit easy, there some tips to be followed by the beginners. Here are some of them:


  • Try to understand the basic nuances of the new language. Don’t panic or get confused with these differences. Try to see the uniqueness of the language, appreciate it and learn it.
  • Try to see the similarities between the new language and your native language. This will ease your understanding.
  • Don’t compare every aspect of your native language with that of the new language, this will only confuse you further.
  • Follow a step wise procedure and try to master each and every aspect of the language slowly and steadily. Don’t try to master it in a single day.
  • Don’t translate each and every word of the language in to the native language. Don’t follow the same sentence order when you are trying to translate the sentence from your language to the new language or vice versa.
  • Be aware of cognates (words which are similar in form in both the languages).
  • Apart from books, refer newspapers, stories, articles, comics, etc. Try to connect with the culture of the new language. Listen to the music, watch movies and plays, and try to interact with the native people.
  • Make use of Internet (online course and online dictionaries) and other interactive ways of learning a language like videos, flashcards, puzzles, games, etc. These methods will make the process of learning easy and fun.
  • Get out of fear if you face failures. Know that it is common to commit mistakes while learning a new language, but the spirit lies in correcting the mistake as and when they occur.

By following the above tips, the process of learning a new language can be made easy and purposeful.