Tips to Reduce Your Websites Page Load Time

website monitoring serviceReduced page load time improves the user experience for your visitors since they can easily and quickly access your website. Also many search engines are considering page load time as a basis to rank the page. Hence, it is important for every website owner, to decrease their page load time so as to improve his page ranks as well as to increase their traffic. Let us see the few tips which helps you in reducing the page load times for your website.

  • If your website contains images then make sure that they are of smaller size that is of low resolution which makes your website to load quickly. The lower the size of the images the lesser will be the page load time.
  • It is always better to place CSS and JAVA scripts in the external files because they both block the entire page to load until they completely get loaded. Hence it is better to place them at the end of the page. Also the style sheets should be kept at the end which enables your webs pages to load faster.
  • Don’t re-size the files in HTML since they tend to appear much larger than smaller ones. Instead try to re-size them using image editor. Smaller images help to make the loading process much faster.
  • Try to minimize the HTTP requests so that less time will require to download the components of the page and hence reduces the page load timesite monitoring
  • Reduce the usage of complicated designs and patterns so that your web page loads fast. Use JPG images instead of high dimension videos and pictures with proper size.
  • Try to avoid 301 redirects which forces the browser to a new URL, which increase the page load time.

Above all try to hire a company which can offer best web monitoring services, which inform you about the modifications required by your page and tells you about what is obstructing the page from loading faster.