Ground Cover Plants Add Beauty to Your Garden

Miniature GardenGarden lovers find different ways of enhancing their yard with greenery. Ground cover plants are one of the elegant ways of gardening styles. The low-growing plants which grow and spread quickly forming a dense cover are termed as ground cover plants or ground covers.

They add beauty to your garden by highlighting the other plants. They conceal unsightly spots in your yard. One of the most important benefits of ground covers is that they prevent soil erosion. Most of the barren soil areas in your garden can be covered by these ground covers. They even bring a sort of continuity of coverage to other different areas of the garden. While some ground covers can creep on stone walls, some others can drape from window boxes.

Miniature plantsGrasses are the more common ground covers which can be added in your garden. However, not all grasses can be grown in certain areas. Hence, different types of ground cover plants are planted to give finishing touch to your landscape area. It is necessary to choose them as per your climatic conditions and also the ability to fit to your garden style. Ivy, dwarf rosemary and bugleweed are some of the easy-to-grow ground covers. Drought tolerant ground cover plants like rock rose, broom, capeweed, lavender cotton and so on can be grown if you have dry climatic conditions. Varieties such as sun rose, wood fern, lantana, wood sorrel, sweet violet, bellflowers, etc. form a better ground cover. A proper maintenance and care for your ground cover plants is necessary to make it look elegant. Moisture, sunlight, fertilizers and other requirements should be considered in their maintenance.