Nylon – Widely Used Artificial fiber

Nylon came in to existence as a great replacement for silk. It is an excellent fiber which is used in many home furnishings and in different apparel making. It is one of the widely used artificial fibers and has substituted silk after silk became scarce. These fibers are used in many things like the fabrics, carpets, musical strings, and ropes. This fiber has excellent abrasion resistance and melts on burning.

Nylon is very lustrous in nature and when used as a blend it also gives that shine to the other fabric also. Nylon is stronger than any other artificial fiber . The strength for this fiber comes from amide groups in its molecular chain, which bond very well. Because of its strength it is used extensively in rope making. Nylon also has a very regular shape which helps in creating fabrics designed to stand up in intense forces. This material is also used on parachutes and in the making of bullet proof vests.

We can undoubtedly reuse the things made of nylon. They are strong and highly durable. It is very easy to do dying for this fabric. It has versatile uses and it is the second largest polymer product used in the United States. It is also used in different packaging material to store food stuffs and they are 100% safe to use. Bath sponges, bath puffs are also made using this synthetic fiber .

However nylon is very sensible and should be kept away from heat environments. It is a flexible textile and hence used for many applications.