Tips for Being More Secured on Facebook

Facebook, with its increased popularity and the huge user base made it prone to hacking and malware attacks. Even though the developers at Facebook are working hard 24/7 in order to make it more safe and secure, on the other side hackers are also trying to hack the user pages in order to defame it. So, in addition to the efforts of developers, it is the responsibility of every user to follow minimum measure in order to save their accounts. Below is the list of few things which you can take care, to avoid unpleasant things on your account.

  • E-mail is the primary means of entering in to your Facebook account. Since the info page on the users profile displays the info about the e-mail address and other personal info, it is better to make the info page unavailable to other persons who are searching for you on Facebook. If you don’t want to make it completely unavailable, you can edit the setting and make it available only for you. You can use the following procedure to make it.

Edit Profile>Contact Information>Clicking on the icon beside your email address> checking ‘Only Me’

  • Also don’t click on the posts which sounds fishy, as you are already aware that facebook doesn’t allows any spams and other videos, if you find any posts related to them, even though they are from your friends list, just ignore them. They may contain some viruses or the moment you click on them they may get posted on your wall. So, be aware.
  • Also install and update your anti-virus software in your system so that it warns you before installing unprotected date to your site. It also helps in preventing key logging.
  • Always be sure that you are entering your e-mail and password in official facebook site. Hackers are creating fake web pages which are similar to facebook and hence are catching the data entered by you on the page. You may also get mails saying that your photo has been tagged and once you click on that you may get directed to a fake login page. So be cautious.

These are the few things which every user should consider in order to be safe on facebook