Tips to Communicate Your Ideas in Writing

You may often think that you are good at writing. However, sometimes, out of negligence or hurry, you make your writing more complex. It should be simple and in such a way that your communication is clear. The reader should easily get what you want to tell in a letter or a report. So, communicating your ideas effectively in writing is important.

Writing with a positive tone makes your report effective. Always try to establish the right tone in written communication to make a difference between a positive response and a hostile one. In order to create a positive tone, use ‘you’ as the subject of sentences to make your reader involved. Replace negative words with positive words to make effective communication.

You should keep the writing simple. Do not use complex sentences which make the reader confusing and difficult to understand. For instance, instead of saying, ‘Is it possible to meet you at your earliest possible convenience to discuss the matter of listing your home for sale?’, you can write, ‘When can I talk to you about listing of your home?’.

Often, when writing, we include complex words and phrases, and specific jargons. However, avoid them and use simple and short words. Mention your ideas clearly and do not leave the communication vague and unclear. When writing business letters, use short paragraphs in order to ensure readability. Whether you write for business clients, college admissions or any others, make sure that you avoid grammatical errors. Do not forget to edit and proofread your communication before sending the letter or report.