Tips to Care Soapstone Countertops

Enough maintenance for the countertops is required to ensure that they remain functional and beautiful for a long time. Though soapstone countertops are resistant to heat and stain, they need some care. Here are some tips to care your kitchen soapstone countertops.

  • The countertops get darkened over time and lose their original shade of color. In order to maintain their sheen, they should be cleaned with mineral oil once a week during the first year. It is, however, better to choose the soapstone countertops with gray-blue look. It is compulsory to use mineral oil for several times in the first few weeks. However, they can be cleaned for eight weeks later.
  • As they are not resistant to scratches, one should avoid cutting fruits, vegetables or meat directly on their surface. Dragging the utensils along the countertop surface may leave scratches. So, avoid dragging them and place them on trivets with rubber feet.
  • Any scratches on the soapstone countertops should be removed with the help of a sandpaper.A higher grit sandpaper such as 220 grit sandpaper can be used to remove light scratches.
  • However, to get rid of major ones, prefer 80 grit sandpaper. However, after using sandpaper do not forget to apply bee wax vanishing the scratch on the surface.
  • Though they are stain-proof, certain light stains may appear sometimes. They can be cleaned easily with a soap solution by a clean cloth. In case the stain is not removed with the soap, use a sandpaper.
  • Certain soapstone sealers may get darkened over time and give an oily look, while some others remain intact. Necessary re-application of the sealers should be maintained once a year.

Retain the appeal of your soapstone kitchen countertop with the above maintenance tips.