How to Help Your Friend Struggling with Drug Addiction?

Are you suspecting your friend for using illicit drugs? Then, it is necessary to help him or her to get away from the habit. However, you should ensure that you follow certain tips to achieve this. Go through to know how you can help your friend struggling with drug addiction.

Look for some warning signs of substance abuse in your friend. Some of the signs include chronic blood shots, sore throat, unexplained weight loss, major changes in sleeping and eating habits, stealing or lying, changes in relationships with family and friends, and social withdrawal. Once you find these problems in your friends, decide yourself to stop him or her from abusing drugs anymore. Talk to your friend in a polite way and get to know how much of drugs he or she has been using. Your action should depend on the extent of his or her drug usage.

Mention it to your friend that you are concerned about his or health and behavior. Talk in a peaceful note and do not try to be arrogant. If your friend does not seems to listen to you, avoid the issue and discuss about it later on another occasion. Otherwise, he or she would try to be violent and avoid your discussion. Make sure that you deal the conversations in private. Do not reveal his habit to anyone else. Do not allow any other mutual friends to come in between your conversation. Otherwise, your friend feels that you are revealing his secrets and drug abuse habit to others.

Providing a drug free option is the best solution to steer him or her away from substance abuse. Take your friend out for coffee or dinner. Or else, go out to see a ball game, play pool or dance school. Make him understand that there are many other possible ways of living and are the best alternatives to avoid the drug abuse habit. Recommend tips from a healthcare professional. Praise successes when your friend tries to keep away from the substance abuse. This encourages him to quit using illicit drugs.