How Should You Deal with an Alcoholic Co-worker?

Alcoholism is a problem which is often seen in many people throughout the world. Drinking habit in employees is considered to cause problems at workplace. The behavior of the alcoholic co-workers may not be disturbing to the fellow workers but also for the organization.

Decrease in performance at work is one of the main consequences of alcoholic workers. However, the specific signs of alcoholism in your co-worker should be observed first to confirm that he or she is drinking alcohol. Frequent hangovers, physical signs of withdrawal, an obsession with alcohol, irrational behavior, unkempt appearance, secretive and dishonest behavior, increased negativity, reduced productivity, and temper outbursts are some of the signs of alcoholism.

Alcoholic individuals do not have enough concentration, memory, coordination and judgment skills and this may lead to occurrence of different workplace accidents. One of the main issues that the co-workers feel is whether to inform the management about the behavior of the alcoholic addict. Informing the management about the alcoholic may disrupt the strong friendship among the members. However, if the alcoholic co-worker is responsible for many risks and dangers for the fellow workers, then one should not neglect in informing the management.

You can help the alcoholic co-worker through alcoholic intervention. Take help from your friends and healthcare professionals to encourage them leave drinking. Make them understand the consequences they are facing with his or her behavior at the workplace. Estimate the losses incurred to the organization because of their alcoholism. Conducting right treatment programs by the firms also help them in avoiding alcohol abuse.