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Archive for November, 2011

  • 011.25.11How to Help Your Friend Struggling with Drug Addiction?

    Are you suspecting your friend for using illicit drugs? Then, it is necessary to help him or her to get away from the habit. However, you should ensure that you follow certain tips to achieve this. Go through to know how you can help your friend struggling with drug addiction. Look for some warning signs […]

  • 011.25.11How Should You Deal with an Alcoholic Co-worker?

    Alcoholism is a problem which is often seen in many people throughout the world. Drinking habit in employees is considered to cause problems at workplace. The behavior of the alcoholic co-workers may not be disturbing to the fellow workers but also for the organization. Decrease in performance at work is one of the main consequences […]

  • 011.21.11Different Ways to Treat Calcium Deposits on Teeth

    Who doesn’t wish to maintain a good dental aesthetics for a beautiful smile? Are you worried of any problem like calcium deposition that is avoiding you to have a free smile? Then, go on to know how to treat calcium deposits on teeth and get back your attractive smile. Calcium deposits are nothing but white […]

  • 011.21.11Dental Care Tips to be Followed by Seniors

    As you know, seniors often face dental problems due to many reasons. Poor oral hygiene, weakened teeth, unhealthy habits and many other factors promote different kinds of dental issues like tooth decay, tooth loss and gum diseases in the elderly people. However, certain necessary dental care tips given hereunder help to maintain the oral hygiene […]

  • 011.18.11Tips on How to Buy Electric Patio Heaters

    Electric patio heaters are modern heating devices which come with more advanced facilities. Patio heaters are very beneficial to both indoor and outdoor environments. Patio heaters are coming now in portable sizes which take less space for installation. Electric patio heaters are environmental friendly devices and more energy efficient devices. Buying patio heater is a […]