Tips to Avoid Discomfort While Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are considered to be the ideal solutions for correcting sight problems. However, they are even used for cosmetic purposes. Whatever may be the reason for using contact lenses, many people suffer from a sort of discomfort while using. Irritating issues like stinging and burning of eyes, excessive watering, redness, unusual eye secretions, sensitivity to light and so on are observed with use of contact lenses. However, it is very much possible to get rid of such discomfort by some simple tips.

Substances like skin lotions, soaps with moisturizers and perfumes, food oil and cosmetics may be retained which cause irritation and discomfort. It is, therefore necessary to clean your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or contact lenses. Also, dry your hands with a lint free cloth before touching contact lenses. It is, however, better to use soaps that are devoid of moisturizers and perfumes when using contact lenses. Any protein deposits associated with use of contact lenses can also cause discomfort due to change in proper fit. Removal of such protein or lipid deposits by use of lens cleaning products can avoid this problem.

Dry eyes which cannot produce enough tears reduce moisture in eyes and this causes discomfort when using contact lenses. A drop of the prescribed lubricating or rewetting solution when wearing contact lenses can minimize the lens dryness and the associated discomfort. Even environmental allergens such as dust or dander cause discomfort when using lenses. Hence, frequent cleaning is very much necessary in order to get rid of any build up of such elements. However, it is better to consult your doctor and find the best permanent solution to avoid discomfort associated with the use of lenses.