Bulk Glow Sticks are Best to Offer as Party Favors

Glow sticks are the light sources which emit required amount of light and are mostly used for decorative and promotional purposes. They emit light because of the chemical reaction called as chemiluminescence, which takes place between two different chemicals present in the glow stick. This phenomenon is similar to the reaction which is observed among different water fishes and animals which emit some light to attract their mates. Glow sticks are widely used for emergency situations and also for recreational purposes which adds light to the event and makes it even more beautiful.

Besides being a light source, another advantage of buying a glow stick is we can undoubtedly gift them for any person irrespective of their age. Especially in case of kids, who really enjoy handling light emitting objects these glow sticks surprise them a lot and bring a smile on their faces the moment they see them. So, when they get them as gifts, they get even more surprised and make the most out of them.

When planning kids party celebrations one can give glow sticks as party favors. They are available in different colors and sizes and one can choose their favorite colors or the color of the glow stick which matches the theme of their party to offer them as party favors. Along with the glow sticks they can add some candies and cookies to the goody bags and can hand over it to the kids who arrived at the party. For all these purposes, it is always better to purchase glow sticks in bulk, so that you can get glow sticks at affordable prices and also get variety of patterns and combinations.