Tips to Make Homemade Glow Sticks

Among the many party favors, glow sticks are the best, especially for night parties. Glow sticks are small plastic tubes having chemical substances which react to give a cool and gentle glow. They are used as necklaces, bracelets, rings and other glow jewelery. They are even used for making glow costumes. You can supply glow sticks as gifts to kids at birthday parties. They are the best fundraising items at school events, concerts and celebrations at orphanages and other community places. You can make the glow sticks at home and gift them to your friends.

Preparing homemade glow sticks itself gives you fun and enjoyment. There are many ways to make a glow stick at home. Take a soda bottle and retain only one-fourth of the drink in it. Add one-fourth teaspoon of baking soda and three caps full of topical hydrogen peroxide to the bottle. Shake them well and observe a cool and gentle light in the bottle. You can place the glow-in-the-dark drinks at your party celebrations.

Take some match sticks, cut their heads and place them in a jar. Now, pour three caps of hydrogen peroxide and stir to make them wet. Then a cap full of bleach is added to it. Close the jar securely and agitate the contents. You may hear some fizzling noise. But, do not worry. Upon shaking you can see the contents glowing brightly.

The other way to make homemade glow sticks is to use used and empty glow sticks. Take a used glow stick and dispose the contents if any. Cut the tip of the glow stick and clean it properly. However, use gloves to avoid contact with any remaining chemical traces. Then both the sides of the tips of glow sticks are cut in parallel lengthwise. Then take a LED flashlight and attach it to the glow stick through a tape. It gives a new LED glow stick which can be turned on and off whenever you wish. Try these things and prepare glow sticks at your home.