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Archive for August, 2011

  • 08.26.11What are the Factors that Cause Teeth Grinding?

    Teeth grinding or bruxism is a situation where a person clenches his or her teeth either in consciousness or unconsciousness. However, it’s not a habit. Several factors promote teeth grinding among people. Some of them are given below. Stress is considered as one of the most common reason for teeth grinding. Stress changes the sleeping […]

  • 08.26.11Tips to be Taken for Dental Care During Pregnancy

    Maintaining oral hygiene by appropriate dental care is essential for one and all. However, this should be considered more important for pregnant women. Certain hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause various dental problems like gingivitis and scaling. It is, therefore, necessary for pregnant women to follow some tips for dental care. Plaque build up and […]

  • 08.18.11How to Reduce the Maintenance Costs of HVAC Systems

    Maintaining your HVAC systems not only protects the equipment, but also protects the people in your building from discomfort and IAQ concerns, and protects you from a lawsuit. There are many ways to make sure that indoor air is kept at appropriate levels Clean evaporator and condenser coils (once or twice per year): Evaporator coils […]

  • 08.17.11Tips to Organize Successful Office Event

    Office parties provide a kind of relaxation to all the employees from the daily routine work. Its a great chance for all the people in a company to meet in a casual way. So, it is very interesting to organize such events since we are making people happy with a get together kind of thing. […]

  • 08.4.11Tips to Make Homemade Glow Sticks

    Among the many party favors, glow sticks are the best, especially for night parties. Glow sticks are small plastic tubes having chemical substances which react to give a cool and gentle glow. They are used as necklaces, bracelets, rings and other glow jewelery. They are even used for making glow costumes. You can supply glow […]