Tips to Leave Alcohol Today

Alcohol, is the major drug to which people are getting addicted the most. Many of us, have a desire to leave it but we can’t. The level of addiction to alcohol makes them loose confidence. If one fails two or three times in his attempt to give away alcohol, they simply come to an opinion that they cant stay out of it. But its not true and not a correct way of doing it. There are many people who continuously had alcohol for several years and left it successfully, saying that they are
ex-alcoholics not alcoholic addicts.

The desire of leaving alcohol should be with in you and not in the people around. Because you are the only person who can achieve it successfully. There are few tips here with which you can at least give a try to alcohol and feel privileged of your achievement. These tips also include the experiences of some people who successfully gave away the boozing habit.

  • Tell it to every one: The moment you feel like giving your sticky boozing habit away, tell every one who know that you drink alcohol and to the people who always will be with you in and around. This helps you, to keep your word because you cant start drinking again before the person whom you announced that you have quit alcohol.
  • Be away from drinking partner: Of course it is bit difficult to avoid drinking partners who had given you such a wonderful company all the time. They may also feel the same in losing your company which they like most. This makes them force you again to have alcohol, which is a very tough situation to avoid. So, its better to be away from them for a little time. If there is a chance you may also tell them the things which made you to give away alcohol, and ask them to at least give a try to leave it.
  • Throw them away: If you have a habit of keeping alcohol in your room, throw them away the moment you feel like giving it away.
  • Make yourself busy: It is not only important to you but also to your brain. So, make yourself busy in something or the other especially during your regular boozing hours. Doing favorite things like your favorite hobby helps you better.

These are few things which you can do to give your habit. Just think positively and do every thing wholeheartedly then definitely one day will come when you will feel proud of yourself and thank yourself for giving away your habit.