Tips for Choosing the Best Lawn Fertilizer

A beautiful lawn area is the best part of landscaping. However, you have to ensure that specific maintenance measures are taken to maintain its beauty and health. Lawn needs food, water and protection to survive throughout the year. Specific fertilizers are added to the lawn for its perfect maintenance. However, many of us are not aware of the use of fertilizers for lawn. Here are some things you should known about lawn fertilizers.

Fertilizers contain three important chemical compounds including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen gives your lawn a deep green color and helps in building a sturdy and dense carpet with deep and stronger roots. Potassium helps in strengthening the roots and also toughens the foliage. Phosphorus produces a strong root system. Before purchasing a lawn fertilizer, check for the number of these elements on the fertilizer bag. The number on the bag depicts the percentage of these chemicals present in the fertilizer mixture.

The selection of lawn fertilizer also depends on the season and the need of growth. For instance, in the spring, it is necessary to promote the growth of the lawn. So, you should choose the fertilizer with higher nitrogen number. It is better to choose the fertilizer with higher potassium for maintaining and preparing the grass for the long winter.

While choosing a fertilizer for your lawn, it is necessary to know about the forms and types of fertilizers. Fertilizers can be granular or liquid. Granular ones can be used for long-term whereas liquid ones are meant for short-term use. Fertilizers can be synthetic or organic. Be careful when using synthetic fertilizers because excessive use of synthetic fertilizers can burn the foliage and damage your lawn. When choosing organic fertilizers, make sure that they do not contain oil, meat or bones. These materials are not good for the lawn.

Check whether all the components of an organic material are obtained from natural sources. You should also consider the effect of lawn fertilizers on children and pets. Selecting the right fertilizer and its use at the right time helps you in maintaining a perfect lawn.