Lawn Aeration Tips for Its Perfect Maintenance

A property with elegant features of landscaping has a greater value. However, the landscaping ideas should complement and match the style of the house. One of the most common landscaping technique implemented by many house owners is creating a lawn. A larger open space outside your home can be converted into a beautiful greenery lawn. Creating a lawn itself includes a lot of materials and costs. However, it is also necessary to ensure perfect maintenance of a lawn. Among the many measures to be taken for its maintenance, aeration is one.

Lawn aeration is nothing but ensuring proper aeration to the lawn. With lack of required air, the lawn gets compacted. In order to avoid this, you need to aerate the lawn. It includes pulling up plugs of soil, thereby allowing nutrients and water to reach the roots of the grass. Here are some tips to be followed to maintain lawn aeration.

  • While aerating, prefer a lawn aerator which pulls out plugs of soil. It is thought that spikes create holes that allow water and nutrients to the roots of the lawn. However, instead of solving the soil compaction problem, spikes contribute to it.
  • You should be careful of shallow sprinkler lines that get punctured by the aerator.
  • It is difficult to use lawn aerator through a dry and hard earth. Therefore, remember that the lawn should be watered heavily, up to an inch on the day before aeration to make sure that the soil is nice, moist and soft.
  • The lawn can be aerated in the spring or late summer or fall. Make sure that it is aerated twice a year in the arid or dry climates.
  • Mostly weak lawns may become vulnerable to weeds by aeration. So, you should apply a herbicide at the same time you aerate.
  • Areas with heavy foot traffic on lawn are associated with problems like slow growth and low resistance to wear and tear. A continuous foot traffic area makes the soil impermeable and hence, it is necessary to aerate these areas more frequently.
  • Once the aeration is done, you should remove the plugs. You can gather the plugs or mow over them with a lawn mower.

Following these tips at appropriate times ensures a perfect maintenance of your lawn.