Turn Your Bath Tub a Day Spa

Turning your bath tub in to a great place of relaxation is not a big thing these days. It is very easy to make it a day spa with the help of bath salts from aromatherapy. It is the easiest way to wash away tour stresses in the bath room. Adding some bath salts to your bath tub makes a lot of difference. Relaxing is something which most of us ignore at the end of the day but it is very important to rejuvenate our energy and to make us ready for the next day.

Every body don’t have a time to visit a spa or a massage center regularly to get relaxed. So, the more convenient way to relax and to get out of the whole day stress is by adding a bath salt to your shower. The moment you add some bath salts to your tub your body practically becomes weightless and your muscles get relieved of their duties for a short time. There are also some aromatic bath salts for healing purposes, but most bath salts are for relaxing and to get rid of stress. With the special fragrance of bath salts the senses gets activated, the skin gets softer and the muscles feel free from aching.

Bath salts are a simple way to add minerals to the bath water, for softening the water, which is in turn used to gently cleanse the skin. Let us see some bath salts used for different purposes.

  • Sleep Well Bath Salt: A blend of different essential oils like lavender, sweet orange, tangerine etc forms a nice bath salt which helps you to have a nice sweet sleep.
  • Muscle Relief Bath Salt: A perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils of Cajeput, Ginger, Juniper, Rosemary, Lavender Provence and Rosemary makes a bath salt used to heal muscle pain and promote the elimination of toxins.
  • Jasmine Bath Salt: Jasmine is a wonderful skin care oil. It gives a very soothing effect and boost self confidence with its fragrance. You should definitely try a jasmine water bath if you want to feel relaxed or stressed.
  • Rose Otto Bath Salt: This oil is very oldest and best known for its warm, intense, immensely rich fragrance. It relaxes the body and soul completely and you feel like lying on the clouds the moment you put some Rose Otto in your bath tub.

This is how you can make your own spa by including bath salts in your daily routine.