Certain Tips to be followed by a Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance investigation includes keeping an eye on the targeted subject without being noticed. It is more useful in criminal investigations. Once you think of a surveillance investigator, you imagine a person with a decent look having certain surveillance equipments. However, it is not only the specific equipment that an investigator needs. The investigator should also need to follow certain tips. Here are some of them.

  • The surveillance investigator can follow the suspect by being in a vehicle or be stationed in the place for a closer view of the subject’s activities.
  • The person should not be noticed by any one in any circumstances and can therefore be in a well disguised appearance so that no one can recognize you.
  • Minimum life skills like driving are necessary for the investigator to be able to follow the suspect. To avoid any suspicions, there should be buffer vehicles in between when following the suspect.
  • Mini-vans are the best vehicles to be used in surveillance investigations. Tinted vehicles can be preferred. Use tinted glass and sit in the back without being noticed virtually.
  • It is necessary to get updated in using new advanced technological tools. In today’s world many applications are possible through a computer. Hence, it is good to gather and expertize in the latest applications of the computer.
  • Take the detailed notes during investigation by a pen and paper or a voice recorder. Smart notes can be helpful for you in the process of investigation. You can also offer the report to the client.

The duty of a surveillance investigator is very critical. The working hours for the investigator is not limited and depends on various situations. Though they seem simple, the above tips are indeed helpful for the investigator.