Tips to Remove Satins from Bed Sheets

We use bed sheets as multi purpose clothing and hence they tend to have all the stains starting from food stains to accidental blood stains. One little stain makes our bed sheet look shabby. Removing dirt and dust is a normal thing while removing stains is the toughest. To make the look of the stained bed sheet normal it is must to undergo some tough jobs.

Here are few tips which can make your job little easier in getting rid of different stains from the bed sheets.

  • Protein stains like blood and urine on the bed sheets can be treated with hydrogen peroxide before washing. Later wash it with normal cold water. This will effectively clean the blood stains out of the fabric.
  • Another significant remedy for blood stains is washing the area with shampoo.
  • Tea or coffee stains can be removed from the bed sheet by treating the stain with a soap free heavy detergent and there by washing it with hot water.
  • Use a color safe bleach to get rid of dye stains like hair dye and paint stains.
  • To get rid of ink stains from the bed sheet just use your hair spray. Spray the hair spray on the portion of the stain and blot it with the tissue paper. The hair spray dissolves the ink where as the tissue absorbs it. Repeat the same process until the stain is gone. Later do regular wash.
  • To remove stains from bamboo sheets, try to soak the excess liquid on the blanket using tissue paper. Then take a wet tissue and try to rub the stain away. Now use some stain remover free from bleach on the spot and finally clean the spot under the running water.
  • Normal stains like dirt and dust can be removed by just soaking the blanket in the hot water and washing it with normal detergent.
  • Dry cleaning solvents are also available in the market which are used to remove tough stains from the sheets.

By following these tips one can get rid of the stains easily from the bed sheets with out spending money on dry cleaning.