Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse In Adolescents

There are many reasons which influence the adolescents to initiate the drug use and these reasons include, peer pressures, general confusion in the teenage and also pressure and depression caused due to school or friends or family or any other personal problems.

Following are the steps that prevent the adolescents from taking drugs:

  • Primary step to prevent adolescents from abusing drugs is to create healthy relationships and good environment in the house. Studies show that, children are much more likely to abuse drugs if there is violence in their home.
  • Talk to your children and discuss about the use of drugs and also explain them about the dangers associated with use of drugs.
  • It is also better to discuss with the children about the environment in their school or college and ask if there is any problem with the others.
  • As a parent you have to make strict rules regarding your child’s friends and even though your child doesn’t like them you have to implement those rules strictly.
  • Also look for, if there is any changes in the activity and behavior of the child and if you find any change, it may be due to substance abuse.
  • Know about the friends of your child and if possible also know about their parents because generally adolescents initiate the substance abuse due to the pressure from their friends.
  • Generally children imitate their elders, whether at home or at the school. So, it is better for you to stop drinking if you have that habit. If you have a problem of substance abuse there is a high risk of developing the same problem in your child.
  • If your child is missing class or getting bad grades it could be a sign of drug abusing. Know about the behavior of your child in the school by talking to their teachers.

By following all the above steps, you can keep your adolescents away from drug abuse.