Tips for Better Meditation Practice

Nowadays many people are practicing meditation but only few people manage to get better results. Why all practitioners cannot get better experience from meditation? Because they are not doing meditation in a proper way. If you are also one of these kind of persons, do not worry. Here are few tips for you that help you in your meditation practice.

  1. Before you start meditation, first prepare your body for meditation, as your physical condition has great influence on the state of your mind. This is true in day to day activities and it is even so more important when it comes to meditation. You can prepare your body in such a way that you feel free. You can do meditation after eating right food or on empty stomach. Eating right food means, the food which gives energy for body but has no effect on your mind. The best time to meditate on an empty stomach is in the morning before breakfast.
  2. Prepare your mind for meditation: Prepared body for meditation is not enough, here you have to prepare your mind also. Before you start meditation you must convince yourself that this is the time for meditation and not for anything else. If you convince yourself of the importance of meditation then you will avoid all the things which disturb you.
  3. Sing before meditation: Before you begin meditation, you can sing spiritual songs, whose meaning elevates your mind. It does not matter you have nice or bad voice, sing from the heart. This will make your mind go to a point, which will be the ideal point for starting meditation.
  4. The most important thing for mediation is sitting in a proper position, as your position has effect on the level of concentration of your mind. If you are uncomfortable with your sitting position then you can not concentrate on your meditation.
  5. Be patient: By introducing meditation into your life, you have taken the first step along the path of enlightenment and inner peace. It is a long journey. However, if you do not feel like you are getting results from your practice after a month, be patient. There are people who spend a lifetime for meditating, then only they reach what they are looking for. Maintain patience and practice for long time, then you will surely achieve your goal.
  6. Follow the meditation instructions properly. The system of meditation is not a new concept. People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years. They laid down number of instructions. Properly understand the instructions or if you are doing under the guidance of meditation experts, follow your instructor. Do not experiment and make up your own method. If you forget any step in the process of meditation, go and ask your instructor or get a review of your lesson.

The above are the useful tips to get maximum benefits from meditation.