Tips for Cleaning Curtains

Curtains are the essential things for home decor as well for other privacy concerns. They protect us from light and heat and prevents the dust and dirt from entering the house. In this way they are exposed to the outside atmosphere and will catch dirt very easily. So there is a need to clean and wash them regularly to improve their durability. Different fabric needs different washing style and kind of caring. Let us check the tips for taking care of the curtains.

Regular wash: Regular wash or hand wash is enough for some curtains. You can find the type of wash needed for the curtains on the label provided. If it says the fabric is washable do a regular hand wash by adding some wash detergent and a cup of vinegar in the water used to soak these curtains and wash them by applying less pressure. Generally cotton, Linen, and Batiste are the fabrics which can be hand washed.

Machine Wash: Some fabrics which are tough can be washed in the washing machine since they are not that sensitive. For machine wash too add a cup of vinegar along with the detergent to the machine before washing. Use the dryer to dry them. Commonly silks and polyesters are preferred for machine wash.

Dry Wash: It will be mentioned on the label of the fabric if it really needs to be dry cleaned. Some sensitive curtains will be there whose texture involve some thread works, laces, and some which include different colors in one fabric. In such cases professional treatment like dry cleaning should be used to protect the look and the finishing of the fabric. Moire, Brocade, Jacquard, Taffeta, are some costlier fabrics which are recommended for dry cleaning.

After washing the curtains dry them either in dryer or under direct sun when there is moderate temperature. High temperature effect the colors of the fabric so it is always better to dry them in the reverse direction.

Once they are dried fold them properly and keep them in the cupboard free from any dust and moisture. Regular changing of curtains makes your environment more healthy and hygienic.