Tips for Effective Storage of Wine

Wine can be produced from grapes. But fruit wine is produced from fruits such as plums, cherries, or apples. Wine has to be stored properly to produce desirable changes and avoid harmful ones. Here are some tips to store the wine:

  • Wine should be stored at appropriate temperatures and the optimum temperature for storing the wine is 10-12°C. To maintain this temperature wine can be stored in cellars, wine cabinets etc.
  • Wine can also get damaged if it is moved quickly form a higher temperature to a lower temperature or vice verse.
  • Light also effect the quality of wine and this condition is known as light struck. Effect of UV light on the wine produces unpleasant aroma.
  • Vibration also effects the condition of the wine, so the wine bottles should not be moved often.
  • Size of the bottle also plays an important role in the storage of wine.
  • Lay the bottle containing the wine on its side while storing it and this helps in keeping the cork of the bottle wet.
  • It is also important to store the wine at the places where it doesn’t get direct sunlight.
  • For wines that will be kept for some more length of time, it may be wise to consider building a special storage space depending on your storage needs.
  • There are also some refrigerators available for storing the wine and they come in different sizes.

The above are the various tips for storing wines.