Easy Steps to Store Wine At Home

Not only wine making is an art, storing and serving it after bringing home is also an artistic approach of having wine. Wine is a most ancient drink which has been served for thousands of years. The ancient Romans as well as the modern Americans are great wine lovers. Proficiency is required in wine making, similarly the serving and storage are also an art and need the same spirit as in wine making. Let us have a look on the simple storage tips before and after opening the wine bottle.

  • Always keep the bottles away from light. Whether it is sunlight or any artificial means it doesn’t matter, continuous exposure to light damages the wine easily. Even though some wine bottles are made of UV protected glass they still allow some amount of UV rays and spoil the wine. It is better to wrap them in a cloth and to place them in a wooden box.
  • The position of wine bottles is also important. If they are in standing position the cork of the wine bottle will dry up quickly and allow oxygen to enter the bottle. So, they should always be stored side ways.
  • The temperature in the storage area is also a major consideration. It should be constant and any change in temperature will occur slowly. Greater variations in the temperature effects the wine quality greatly.
  • Never ever keep the wine beside strong smelling substances because wine will easily catch that flavor which ruins its original flavor.
  • Expensive wines doesn’t need much aging and there will be no change in them even though they are stored for longer time. So, it is better to consume those kinds quickly.
  • If you still have some wine left in your bottle after opening it, it is better to store it in a refrigerator but only for 3-4 days. It is better if you transfer it to smaller bottles.
  • Red wine bottles when replaced back with cork and properly stored away from light can be safe for few days.
  • Accidentally, if you can’t see the cork of your wine bottle after opening it, you can better use a piece of plastic wrap and wound a rubber band tightly to it.

By following these steps you can easily store your wine at home even if it is opened or closed.