Major Types of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies conduct the initial screening of the interview candidates and send the pool of candidates to the company. The companies pay to these recruitment agencies based on the number of positions filled by the candidates sent by the respective agency. These agencies are different types and they are given below:

Traditional agency:
These traditional agencies acts as an intermediaries between job seeker and employers. These are also called as employment agencies. Again these agencies are of two types, one is contingency type of employment agencies which sends large number of candidates resumes to the employer. If any candidate is selected from the recruitment agency, the employer pays to the recruitment agency. The contingency agencies mostly send candidates for the low and mid level positions in the organization. The other type is retained search firms and these work for the senior level positions. In this type, the companies pay expenses plus a percentage of employee’s salary to the agency regardless of whether the candidate is hired or not.

Niche Recruiters:
These niche firms tend to be more focused on building ongoing relationships with their candidates and they maintain a large database. Based on this database the recruiters will place the same candidates many times throughout their career.

These headhunters are more aggressive than in house recruiters. They use advanced sales techniques like, appointing clients to gather employee contacts and purchase expensive lists of names and job titles. They may arrange a meeting or a formal interview between their client and the candidate and prepare the candidate for the interview. This type of agencies mostly work for senior management and executive positions.

In house Recruitment:
Many large and the medium sized employers go for this type of recruitment to reduce the costs. In this type of recruitment the organizations uses its HR department and front line hiring managers, and recruitment personnel. The employers will advertise their vacancies in their own websites, and coordinate employee referrals, work with external association.

From all the above types of recruitment, an organization can select any one based on their budget and type of need.