Know about Different Levels of Interviews

An interview is a process in which a potential candidate is evaluated by the interview panel for prospective employment in their organization. There are different types of interviews conducted by the employers to evaluate the candidates. Most of the professional jobs in the organization require different levels of interviews. These interviews typically follow a pattern. Below are the levels in the process of interview from the employer’s perspective:

Level 1:
This is the first level in the interview process and in this level the human resource department in the company thoroughly checks the candidate out against his CV and assesses cultural fit with the employer.

Level 2:
This is the first interview and in this level detailed assessment of the candidate is done. Depending on the type of the interview the candidate may be required for presentation or demonstration of his skills. In this interviews the interview panel asks same set of questions to all the candidates.

Level 3:
Psychometric tests are used to measure the knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits of the candidates. Different companies may use different psychometric tests like Myer Briggs, DISC, etc.,

Level 4:
This level is similar to level 2 and in this level further rounds of interviews are taken by senior level managers.

Level 5:
In this level, the job is offered for the right candidate after clearing all the above levels of the interview process. After selecting the candidate, he may negotiate with the human resource department about the salary and the terms and conditions of the job.

An interview is the most important process in the recruitment method. As it involves many levels, it may regarded as the deciding step of getting a candidate in to the organization.