Improving your Smile by a Smile Makeover

A pleasing and aesthetic smile on your face brings certain psychological and emotional impression to others. However, many people are worried of smiling and speaking in groups. This is because of many dental problems. However, a simple smile makeover can improve your smile. The aesthetics of a smile can be improved by a smile makeover which may include one or more dental, cosmetic or facial rejuvenation procedures. Here are some common measures which are applied in cosmetic dentistry for a smile makeover.

  • In order to get a perfect smile, you should not have gaps between teeth. If you have any gaps, it can be treated by bringing the teeth closer by porcelain veneers such as lumineers. However, orthodontics is also helpful for reducing this problem. Lingual braces, invisalign invisible braces and fixed orthodontics can improve your smile by minimizing the gap.
  • The smile makeover process may also include replacement of missing teeth by dentures and dental implants. Dental implants are the most advanced and perfect solutions for missing teeth when compared to the conventional dentures.
  • Repairing of chipped and broken teeth makes you feel happy to smile. However, the treatment may include porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding or any others based on the extent of damage of the teeth.
  • A smile makeover includes straightening the crooked teeth with conventional orthodontics or invisalign braces.
  • Some people may opt for teeth whitening as a part of smile makeover. Professional teeth whitening is required for people who have badly stained teeth to bleach out stains and discolorations.
  • Gum contouring or gum sculpting can also improve your smile. Uneven and excessive gum is removed by this process to ensure a pleasing smile.

A smile makeover is done by a professional cosmetic dentist. Hence, go for a reputed dentist to make your smile more attractive.